Monday, February 05, 2007

Sunday night reflections

Can we say eventful???

That is the word that I would use to describe our Super Bowl Party. The Colts won (which was good). We laughed at some of the commercials. There was plenty of food. We had some new folks that were invited by our regulars (KEEP INVITING!). We had a drug addict show up, steal some stuff, had to call the cops, another drug addict showed up, I thought I might get beat up...eventful. Ah...the joys of meeting where we're meeting, when we're meeting.

Kudos to Scott, Susan and Janae who handled the theft and ensuing drama with much grace and courage. They really kept their cool in a tense situation. I've never had to call the cops out to church before. Oh well, anybody who says coming to church is boring just needs to hang out with us for a while!

We need to see about getting a police officer to come hang out around the building.

We also had a group go out Prayer Driving yesterday morning. We were going to Prayer Walk, but the windchill was below freezing and we're a bunch of wimps! God used that to open our eyes to some unique observations. I'll be sharing more about those observations in a later post.

I want to go ahead and tell you that I am looking forward to this coming Sunday. It would be a great day to invite folks. We're going to have an acoustic band!!! I'm going to be talking about how we respond to the rollercoaster-ride of following Jesus. You are going to want to be there, and you know someone who needs to be there. Who can you bring with you to The Point on Sunday?



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