Monday, February 19, 2007

Sunday night reflections 2-18-07

I started yesterday morning by accidentally running across this verse. I don’t think it was an accident. Check it out.

I am pretty pumped about what is going on right now at The Point. We had 4 new first time guests. We had some returners. I love returners. We had some new people stepping in to serve.

I really appreciate Susan and Michelle stepping up to create a preschool room on the spot. With only our team’s kids in attendance our children’s ministry needs have been pretty minimal. I think our volunteers have done an incredible job putting together some creative experiences that communicate truth to our kids, and they’ve been able to do that with one class and one teacher. Last night we had a new family with a young child. And Susan and Michelle adapted greatly to create something from nothing. THANK YOU! They showed a whatever it takes attitude.

Don’t forget that this coming Sunday we’re going to be taking a field trip. Meet at the parking lot of the old Krispy Kreme at 8:15 AM and we’ll head up to Charlotte to check out how some churches are doing church in movie theaters. We’ll still be having our gathering at 6, so invite someone.



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