Monday, February 12, 2007

Sunday night reflections 2-11-07

I got a little teary eyed yesterday evening. Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows how much I enjoy music…especially live music. It has always been my dream and prayer that God would allow us to have a great band leading our worship. As Mitch, Will and Jimmy played their acoustic, unplugged worship set I was blown away. I think Chris Blackwell said it best (with hand-motions): Our worship was here (his hand being at waist height), and now it’s here (his hand being at nose height). Thanks guys for being an answer to prayer, for being Dream-Enablers for me, and for being willing to use your gifts to help us plant a new kind of church.

We had some key people out, but had others step up and fill the gaps. A big shout out to William for his willingness to step in and fill a need.

I’ve heard that people are inviting people… KEEP IT UP! That is awesome! It was great to have some new faces with us last night. One new woman told me she wanted to come back next week and bring her sister who doesn’t go to church anywhere. That’s what I’m talking about.

After a great worship set we continued our talk through Nehemiah by looking at Nehemiah 2:16-20. We know that God has a dream for each one of us, but in the pursuit of God’s dream we usually run into, or become one of four characters: Dream-casters, Dream-chasers, Dream-enablers or Dream-killers. The key is to recognize which is which and respond accordingly. The big key is to know who the Dream-killers are because they have the potential to derail your dreams. The way to silence Dream-killers is to:

- Remember the source of the dream: God.

- Get to work turning the dream into reality.

- Speak the truth to those who are Dream-killers. We'll be following up on this this coming Sunday.

The recording of the message didn’t work, but if you would like a transcript please let me know and I’ll e-mail one your way.

Overall, thanks be to God for a good day and for the privilege of working with Him to build his kingdom.



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