Monday, February 12, 2007

Practicing Greatness book review

I really enjoyed Reggie McNeal’s book, Practicing Greatness. It’s a book on 7 disciplines of extraordinary spiritual leaders. I’m not extraordinary, so I thought reading this book might help me out! Two parts of the book had the most impact on me. First is the section where he talks about how do deal with failure. There’s good stuff there. It’s worth the price of the book just for this section. Second is this statement,

The prayer life of a great spiritual leaders is oftentimes centered on asking God to help them understand what is happening around them. Contrast this to a typical approach to prayer that informs God about what is going on and then asks for his help or intervention. Great spiritual leaders have God’s view of the situation. This enables them to partner with him in bringing about the future God desires. This powerful prayer life is not accidental. It requires a commitment and discipline on the part of the leader to listen in prayer, not just talk.

That’s good stuff!



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