Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Prayer Walk/Drive observations

I promised some observations from our Prayer Walk/Drive on Sunday AM, so here they are:

  • There were lots of people out walking in Converse Heights at 11 AM on Sunday morning. Parents had their kids at the playground. Folks were getting exercise. Neighbors were talking. But, they weren’t at church!
  • The Westgate Mall area is a destination. Spartanburg Regional is the county’s biggest employer. Downtown is packed with professionals during lunchtime Monday through Friday. (These aren’t really new observations, but they lead to some questions which I will share in a minute.)
  • No college students were seen on Wofford, Converse or USC Upstate’s campus at 11 AM.
  • Even subdivisions seem to be racially divided.
  • At 11 AM the parking lots of Publix, Walmart and Fire Mountain are PACKED!

These observations lead me to some questions:

  • How can we maximize Spartanburg’s Destination of the Westgate Mall area? Should The Point have a venue there? If so, where, how and when?
  • How can we take advantage of where people gather? What giveaways could we do during lunchtime downtown?
  • How can we make our gathering more desirable than Publix, Walmart and Fire Mountain?

Prayer Walking/Driving is more than just talking to God. It’s listening. It’s observing. It’s crafting out some space to hear from God on behalf of the people we are trying to reach. We’ve made some observations. We’ve got some questions. Do you have any suggestions?



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