Thursday, February 08, 2007

In Concert...John Mayer

Tonight Liz gets her Christmas present. For Christmas I got her tickets to see John Mayer in concert. I'm pretty pumped. It's sad, but I think this is the first secular concert I've been to since seeing Kenny Rogers as a kid. That is a depressing thought.

I can't wait to spend an evening with my wonderful wife. She has to put up with a lot being married to a church planter. This has been a rough journey so far, but tonight, the in-laws are keeping the kids, so we get to go out to an uninterrupted dinner (I think we're hitting Carrabba's) and then it's off to the concert.

The only bummer is that the concert is at USC. I have to venture into enemy territory to have some fun with my wife. What's up with that? I'll let you know how the show was tomorrow.


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