Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Blessing my kids

Levi is four months old today. The poor little guy has to go get some shots this morning. I am SO glad I don’t have to be there for that traumatic experience. Shot are rough on the little fellows.

I love my three boys. I believe God has given Liz and me a wonderful gift in our kids. I tell her often that I think they are a tool that God uses to keep me sane during this church planting adventure. They make me laugh. They soften my heart. They push me to my limit. They distract me. They are my motivation.

I want to be a great dad for them. One of the ways that I’m trying to be a great dad is in the area of blessing. I want to bless my boys. Now let me tell you what I mean.

I want to speak words and create experiences that help them to become the men that God has created them to be. I don’t always do the best job at that, but it’s a goal of mine. I’m open to ideas on how to do this better if any of you have some.

Do you have kids? Have you blessed them today? The words we speak and the words we don’t speak say more than we realize. Also, you don’t have to have kids to bless people. Who in your life did you bless today? What words did you say or what experiences did you create that move people towards being who God has created them to be?

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At 7:10 PM, February 20, 2007 , Blogger Judy said...

Jonathan, Levi is absolutely gorgeous!!


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