Monday, June 01, 2009

Mission trip ideas

My favorite part of youth ministry was taking kids on mission trips. For some reason I've been thinking a lot about mission trips lately. I think it was sparked by Ed Stezter's recent trip to Europe with this organization.

I'd like to see our church go on a mission trip. There's something supernatural that happens on mission trips.

So here's my question: Where should we go? Who should we partner with? If you were me, and you could plan a mission trip for Hub City Church, what would you do? (I'm not saying we'll do that, but I would love your ideas.)

I'll be honest, I'm partial to overseas. I'm also partial to a partnership that will last for a while instead of a one-stop-drop mission trip. I'm also burdened for Europe... it's the only place, other than North America, in the world where Christianity isn't growing. But I'd also love to go to Africa or China or the Middle East. Let me hear from you.


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