Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sir Dalton - A Review

I've got to say, this book wasn't what I was expecting. It is a children's book (make that an older children's book) that's a parable about truth and following Jesus and the authority of the Bible. But even though it wasn't what I was expecting it was very good, especially for older kids. I tried to get Nathan to read through it with me, but I think it will suit his tastes better in a year or so (it didn't help the situation that there's a love story that flows through the book... Nathan can't stand love stories).

What I like best about books like this is that they can open up discussions between parents and kids about issues that are important. It provides fodder for spiritual conversations. That's a good thing. Parents just have to make sure they take the time to read it with their kids.

I must say, at the end of the book I was disappointed. I wanted more. I may have to find book four in the series to see what happens next.


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