Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week 2 Prayer Guide

Prayer guide for June 14th - June 20th
Make a difference by giving.

Giving helps in the spreading of the gospel, starting new churches and seeing lives transformed.
This week's daily Prayer Focus:
Sunday - People who are struggling as a result of the world economic crisis. Prayer Verses: Matt. 10:29

Monday - The 660+ churches planted through the One Prayer 2008 mission. Prayer Verses: Eph. 6:18; Col. 1:3-4

Tuesday *Don't forget to Fast* - Protection for those sacrificing their life to work in the mission field. Prayer Verses: Psalm 91:14

Wednesday - Persecuted believers. Prayer Verses: Matt. 5:10; John 17:14-19

Thursday - Orphaned and abandoned children. Prayer Verses: James 1:27; Matt. 25:37-40

Friday - Victims of worldwide natural disasters. Prayer Verses: Matt. 25:37-40; Isaiah 58:12

Saturday - People around the world in need of food, clothing, and shelter. Prayer Verses: Is. 58:7; James 2:14-17


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