Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Moving grandma (momahaze)

Yesterday my dad and I moved my grandma, ie. "Momahaze," from her assisted living facility in Easley to one in Augusta, GA, that's much nearer to where my parents live. I hate moving. But I was glad to help move Momahaze.

The facility that we moved her from is like the projects compared to the 5-star facility in Georgia. Seriously, it's like moving from Columbia to Clemson. It's amazing. Not only is the facility so much better, but her room is almost twice the size with a balcony that made me drool. On top of that, the new facility is $800 a month cheaper than the old one!

Don't get me wrong. The facility in Easley was good, but the one in Augusta seems pretty great. And to think that if she'd have stayed in Easley she would have been settling for something far less than what she could have in Augusta.

So all of this got me thinking. So often we settle for less when we could have so much more. I see singles do this all the time when they settle for who they are going to date, when instead they should have raised their standards. I see this with people who charge everything they buy and run up dept just to have the best and the latest, when instead they could have waited, saved and ended up paying cash.

So where are you settling?

Liz and I are in the process of making some tough financial choices in order to have more finances to do things we really want to do. Honestly, I'd rather not cut out what we're thinking of cutting out. But when I think of the possible rewards in the future it makes the sacrifice worth it. We'd rather have the great over the good. That means not settling.


At 5:49 AM, June 04, 2009 , Blogger Jaimee Holmes said...

Re: the money/cutting big things out: It's soooo worth it!

We've been at this financial game for about... 5-6 years now... and it's been hard and we've backslidden at times... and people have thought we were weird... and we're still not through to the other side where we can do what we want with our money... BUT I can see that happening at some point in time!


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