Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tell me a story

I was watching 60 Minutes this past Sunday after Hub Group. I love 60 Minutes. I never really new why until Sunday. Don Huitt, the founder/creator/producer of 60 Minutes died last week and the entire broadcast was dedicated to him. In one of the scenes he is walking down a hallway when a young reporter asks him what it takes to be a successful reporter. Don Huitt replied, "It's four simple words that every four year old knows how to say: Tell me a story."

60 Minutes is all about stories. That's why I like it. I love stories.

Hub City Church values stories. That's why we want yours. We want you to send us the story of how Hub City has influenced your life or how God has worked in your life through Hub City Church. Then we're going to put those stories into a book titled Year One. It'll be a collection of stories to celebrate our First Birthday. You can email them to me.

So, tell me a story....


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