Monday, August 31, 2009

The Others... tell me what you think

So, if you were at Hub City's worship Gathering yesterday then you know what to do, but I wanted to give a little reminder anyway... just in case you forgot.

We looked at this passage and I left you hanging by giving you some homework.

Here it is: How would you live out Peter's command to be holy in all that you do? What does holiness look like for you? Or, if you were to come up with a list of how to be holy, what would you put on the list?

I've gotten a few responses so far, but I want to hear from you. Shoot me a comment.


At 1:59 PM, August 31, 2009 , Blogger Jaimee Holmes said...

My short answer: I can't. Be holy, that is.

(and of course, because where there is a short answer, there is also a long answer):

I can't DO anything to be holy. But because God is holy, he can MAKE me holy. Whenever I "try" to do good things, have right thoughts, etc... I screw up royally. I have found the only thing I can actually DO to be holy is to stop doing, stop being... I guess that passage that talks about dying to my self... Where I stop living and allow Jesus to live through me, he produces in me attitudes and thoughts that are obviously not my own. And that "sets me apart" or makes me "other," holy.


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