Monday, August 03, 2009

A few reflections

Did you know it's hard to type and look at a computer screen when your eye is twitching like crazy? Don't know what's going on, but it looks like the church-planter's twitch is back.

Here are a few reflections on yesterday. First, I was blown away by the response to yesterday's sermon. I'm thankful that God used it to speak to some people. Remember, you are where you are on purpose for a purpose. If you want to listen to it just go to our website.

Second, by far, over the past month, the most fun and rewarding part of what I do hasn't been our Sunday morning Gathering. It's summer, so our numbers have been a little lower. So, what's been the best part? It's been Immersion. I love talking about our Discipleship Process. Last night we wrapped up our time by walking through the four stages of the process. I love to see people get it. I love that we have a process. I love that we're seeing people move through the process.

For all of you who were a part of Immersion, thanks. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the experience. I'd love to hear what phase you think you're in and where you need to go next and what you need to do to get there.

We'll do another Immersion in a few months for those who missed out. I promise, you don't want to miss out next time. This is something that everyone who's a part of Hub City needs to go through (some of you need to go through it twice). You won't regret it.


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