Friday, August 21, 2009

Grad school time... for Liz

I am super excited. It looks like Liz is going to be starting grad school on Monday. This is an incredible opportunity (and one of the perks of her job). She'll be getting her Master's in Nursing Administration.

Here's why I'm excited about this opportunity. I think that Liz is just starting to tap into her potential. She is gifted in so many ways and her current job has brought out many new abilities that were hidden. Getting a graduate degree will open up more doors for her to be who God wants her to be and do what God created her to do.

Throughout this process it's become more clear to both of us how much we value education. Having graduate and post-graduate education opens doors and creates opportunities. I see this over and over again. It's why I tell high schoolers to go to college even if they don't know what they want to do. Just having the degree will give you more options.

I also don't think that it's ever too late to go to college. There are so many online programs out there today, some of which are very reasonable. So what are you waiting for. Do some research and sign up. The financial investment now could lead to greater opportunities in the future.


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