Thursday, March 15, 2007

Unleash - The Review

Got to go to New Spring's first ever leadership conference today. It was great having Chris, Mitch and Josh go with me. I thought I'd pass on some of what stuck out to me.

  • The church can be a very confusing place to outsiders. All churches have unspoken (and spoken) rules that are confusing.
  • The church needs to have creative environments.
  • Most visitors make up their mind in the first fifteen minutes after arriving if they'll return or not. That's why parking and greeting are so important.
  • Every week is someone's first week.
  • We need to offer our BEST every Sunday. Why won't we settle for second rate work at our jobs, but we're satisfied with giving God our minimum efforts and second rate work.
  • The church needs to look beyond itself. We've got to decide who we want in our church. We want sinners!
  • When hiring use the 3 C's as a guideline: Character, Competence and Chemistry. Staff according to your vision, not according to what others want.
  • Lessons from Moses on leading a growing church.
  • Moses simply listened and obeyed.
  • Leadership is as easy as listening to God.
  • Time with God is the most important thing (especially for Pastors).
  • Moses did not compromise the vision.
  • Moses didn't try and do it all.
  • God gives the pastor the vision and a team implements the vision.
  • Moses attempted the impossible.
  • If it's a God sized vision then it's will be impossible.

You can also read Jay's comments and Tony's here and here. My only disappointment was that I ate the catered lunch with the senior pastors instead of the BBQ with my group. I'd do the BBQ if I could do it over again.


At 8:33 PM, March 18, 2007 , Anonymous Beth M. said...

i love this and i am going to quote you:

"The church needs to look beyond itself. We've got to decide who we want in our church. We want sinners!"

also, tonight was a great service. i needed that a lot to break down some of my walls. i wish eric could have been there for it, but i will tell him there's a webcast if he wants to catch up. *thanks.


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