Friday, March 16, 2007

Fun in the Sun

Today was rainy, but tomorrow should be beautiful for Shamrocks on the Square. If you're volunteering then show up at the volunteer tent at the appropriate time for your session: 10 for the 1st session, 10-2; 2 for the 2nd session, 2-6.

I am pumped about The Point being able to contribute to what the city of Spartanburg is doing. Part of our vision is making Spartanburg a better place to live and we get to do that tomorrow by serving at Shamrocks on the Square.

I've got to share a quick story about my outing to the mall to develop relationships with some unchurched folks. The goal is to hand out free candy bars to mall employees and in doing so to develop some relationships and let people know God loves them. If you read this blog then you know that when Mitch went with me two weeks ago someone called him my son so I dyed my hair and changed my style. Josh decided to risk going with me. The first store we went in was Jarman (don't you just love that name? It reminds me of bad Christian music. If you don't know what I'm talking about then that is a good thing!). The guy who works there saw me and said, "You're back again!"

I wasn't able to go to the mall last week because of car trouble (I'm still taking donations), but this guy remembered that two weeks ago I brought him a free candy bar. I can't wait to see how God is going to use a Hershey bar and some time.


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