Friday, March 05, 2010

What I'm praying for Hub City Church

I thought I'd share with you what I've been praying for Hub City Church lately. I'd love for you to pray with me.

I am praying that we will see God move in and through us with power so that there will be no doubt that what is happening is of God. I am praying that when people come to our worship gathering that they won’t say, “that was a great sermon,” or “that was a great band,” but that they’ll say, “The Lord, Jesus, is an awesome God!” I’m praying that the Holy Spirit will convict of sin and convince of righteousness and that we will see many come to faith in Jesus every week. I'm praying that our church will have power and that the gospel will spread like wildfire, not because of careful planning, but by a movement of the Spirit. I’m praying that God will grow us in intimacy with him as we hear his voice and obey his commands. I’m praying that Hub City Church will look more and more like the radical, counter-cultural, revolutionary church that we read about in Acts 2-4. I am praying that God will build His church and that it will be an unstoppable force, empowered and sustained by the Holy Spirit.


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