Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Top Ten reasons to spend Easter with Hub City Church

Top 10 Reasons to spend Easter with Hub City Church:

10. No need to buy a new Easter outfit. It's come as you are casual.

9. No Perfect People Allowed. You'll fit right in.

8. Free Coffee!

7. No people dressed up like the Easter Bunny who could scare your kids
(we can't, however, make the same promise about the church staff).

6. Come at 10 AM for worship. Stay after and watch Clash of the Titans
in 3D.

5. The seats are REALLY comfortable.

4. We have a B.Y.O.J.B. policy (Bring Your Own Jelly Beans).

3. God loves you and so do we (but we do understand if it takes you a
while to love us back, we're an acquired taste).

2. When else can you get into a movie theater for free?

1. Jesus is risen! He is risen indeed!


At 9:56 PM, March 30, 2010 , Anonymous Chris said...

Great post, Jonathan! I thought BYOJB meant bring your own jelly biscuits?


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