Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why can't we all just get along?

Just finished reading Peppermint-filled Pinatas. The good folks at Catalyst sent this book out. I had heard about it, but wasn't going to buy it, but when someone sends you something for free... well... it's like an invitation to read away. It's not the best book I've read, but Eric does do a good job of reminding us about the importance of real relationships with people who are different from us, people who are far away from God. The book in a sentence is: Love people and develop friendships with them.

The best part of the book, to me, was the following quote:
People who are not interested in something in general are rarely interested in a new version of it. It's like trying to get a non-coffee drinker like myself to try a Sumatran blend instead of the Colombian blend. I don't like any coffee. You could pour an entire bag of sugar and a gallon of milk into a grande cup, and I still won't like it. It's the same principle with starting a church. How can you get people excited about something that does not yet exist, especially if they don't like church to begin with?


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