Sunday, October 21, 2007

One thing after another

The past few days have been good busy. We partied down on Friday night celebrating Levi's and Grandpa's birthday. Yesterday was filled with soccer and Clemson's whopping victory over Central Michigan. I love seeing us score 70 points. Now if we can just do that again next week versus Maryland. It was Levi's first game. He had a blast. Right now I'm sitting at the Gaffney YMCA listening to Northpoint's band warm up and getting ready to speak. Too bad I don't have a voice. This should be interesting. I leave here and head straight for the airport to fly to Phoenix to go to Power Plant coordinator training. On top of all this travel I've got a cold and feel bad. Fun! Please pray for Liz since she'll be a single mom for three days. Oh... I'd better go. I've got to load my verses into their computer.


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