Thursday, October 18, 2007

Spiritual gifts

This morning I've been doing some self-evaluation. I think it's important to know yourself. We need to know our own strengths, gifts, weaknesses, etc. so that we can best pursue who God has created us to be.

Every so often I re-take a Spiritual gifts survey just to remind myself of my gifts and also to monitor any changes in my life. After listening to an old message from Bill Hybels I was motivated to re-survey myself. Hybels says that if we're not working in our top two gifts we'll end up frustrated, emotionally drained and less effective than we could be.

You can take a free survey here. Just in case your wondering, my top three are Teaching, Exhortation and Administration/Leadership. The cool thing about the above survey is that it gives you a pretty in depth description of the gifts you've got.

So do you know your gifts? What are you waiting on? Take the survey!

One more thing about this whole gift idea. Just because you know what your gifts are doesn't mean you're automatically at the top of your game in that gift. You've got to develop your gifts. Work them out. Find ways to put your giftedness to work. Improve! Another way to think of it is to play with the gift that God's given you.


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