Monday, October 08, 2007

Catalyst reviewed

Hopefully today I'll get around to posting all my notes from Catalyst last week. It was a great two days with such good content that my brain's still processing everything. That's where this blog's going to come in. I'm going to do posts from each speaker's talk and maybe share some commentary.

I need to mention something about a free book that was given out. On Thursday afternoon there were ninjas roaming the Gwinett arena handing out Mike and Jud's new book, Deadly Viper Character Assassins. I'm almost finished with this quick, but challenging read. As I was reading yesterday a thought went through my head: Character is the one thing that all of us need, but none of us want to talk about. I want to talk about it. I think it needs to be talked up. We'll see where these thoughts lead... maybe a sermon series sometime in the future? Anyway, you need to go by the book and read it. We need a revolution of Character.

I've got to mention this from the book. Mike and Jud say we need to be people of radical integrity and radical grace. I think that too often we in the church ere on the side of radical integrity but we shoot anyone that messes up. That's just plain stupid, and not to mention, unchristian. We need to also be people of radical grace. Then, maybe then, we can create a community that's safe to be real and authentic so that we can address the messes that most of us are.


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