Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An understatement

To say I'm excited about our upcoming series is a gross understatement. I've been wanting to do a series on marriage for a long, long time.

But why do a series on marriage? Especially when we have a church that's 50% single? That's a great question. I'll share two reason.

First, for those who are single, most people go into marriage with no idea what they're getting into. I don't know anyone who goes into marriage knowing what they're doing. Some are more prepared than others, but nobody really knows what they're doing. This series is going to help people be a bit more prepared by talking about the reality of marriage and what it's meant to be.

Second, for the married folks, I don't know anybody who's married who says that their marriage is perfect and that it's not in need of improvement. Actually, when I look around at married couples it seem so me that most folks are struggling. They need hope. They need help. This series is going to extend both of those things.

So here's my challenge to each of you: Make it a priority to attend every week of After Vegas. And bring some people with you. You know somebody who needs some help. You know somebody who wants to get married someday. Bring them.

I also highly recommend you purchase and read this book. We're going to have a few copies for sale, so you can buy one on Sunday.


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