Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spiritual growth

One of the best parts of pastoring Hub City Church has been the life change I've seen. It's awesome watching God work in people's lives.

My passion is to continue to help people grow. I want to make mature disciples. I learned something pretty cool and profound about how spiritual growth happens.

Spiritual growth happens through commitments. We make commitments and then we grow. Usually we think we'll grow first, and then we'll make commitments. But it doesn't work that way. We make commitments first, and then we grow.

So what kind of commitment do you need to make today? The commitment to read your Bible on a regular basis? The commitment to learn how to hear God's voice? The commitment to tithe? The commitment to say no to the good things in your life that are crowding out the best things?

On Sunday I asked for a commitment from folks: If you're married, would you commit to invite God into your marriage? If you're single, would you commit to invite God into your future marriage and everything leading up to it?


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