Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Things that make me mad

Usually, I'm a pretty calm, cool and collected guy. But there are a few things that set me off. Injustice is one of the biggies.

Last night Liz and I watched Taken. We're going to be using that movie this Sunday for our God at the Movies series. Part of what was exposed in the movie is the sex trade industry. Not sure if you knew this but there are around 27 million slaves in the world right now. Many of them are sex slaves. This angers me. This should not be.

I just don't understand how you could treat people as property and sell people like you sell ice cream. And then to take somethings that is such an incredible gift (sex) and use it as a weapon... my blood pressure is starting to increase.... This should not be.

If you read the prophets in the Old Testament, over and over again the prophets are rebuking God's people for their injustice. As Rob Bell says, God is on the side of those who are on the underside of power.

I write all this to say that something needs to be done. We need to do something. Not sure what that is, but I'm listening and looking. People aren't property. Sex is not for sale.

Related to that, I heard a couple of years ago that Atlanta is the main hub of the the sex trade in the U.S. That's right down the street. That bothers me.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments.


At 7:59 AM, July 21, 2009 , Blogger Brian said...

Man, I didn't know that about Atlanta!! I thought that movie was interesting (and disturbing), but not at all what I thought it was going to be about from the previews. Things like this are why we keep the death penalty around!

At 10:15 AM, July 21, 2009 , Blogger Jaimee Holmes said...

"God is on the side of those who are on the underside of power."

I love that about God.

But I agree. I think there ought to be ways (big or small) that as the Body of Jesus we can help facilitate God's will in that arena.


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