Friday, May 22, 2009

Good stuff

Read this from Vince this AM. My thoughts exactly:
Christians today are known for being judgmental towards and keeping our distance from those outside the church, especially the one's we consider sinners. Right? We see Christians protesting, holding up picket signs, putting people down - all which communicates judgment towards the non-Christian world. We also see Christians building their own private schools, rec centers, coffee shops, all of which (whether intentionally or not) keeps distance between Christians and the (sinful) non-Christian world.

So it's a real kick in the pants to read 1 Corinthians 5, which explicitly states that we are not to judge or keep our distance from those outside the church, but are to judge and keep our distance from sinful people inside the church.

Say what?!? Yes, that is exactly what it says. Now can you imagine if we actually practiced it?

So what do you think about what Vince said?


At 8:01 AM, May 22, 2009 , Blogger Jaimee Holmes said...

It is very refreshing to hear about Christians believing the word of God when it comes to this [judging within the church and not outside it]. I really can't imagine what it would look like if we actually started doing this as a whole. The only thing we have to be careful of as far as "in the church" is that we view the church as only those we KNOW are followers of God. The church, as an institution, is so blended with the world that it's hard to know if the person beside you is a Christian or not... so we have to be careful not to judge in that situation I think. But I could definitely see that playing out like in our small groups where we know and care about eachother. Judging nonchristians according to christian standards is ridiculous and why I can't handle politics, but that's another matter! Good quote... thanks for sharing it with us!


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