Monday, April 23, 2007

Sunday night reflections 4-22-07

I felt like last night was one of those nights when it's just hard. We had some technical problems that pushed us right up to starting time in getting ready. A bunch of our folks were out of town (or at the lake). But I think it was still a good night. The sermon actually got recorded this week! I'm going to post it online in a little while. Nathan learned a Bible verse that he quoted for me on the drive home (this is a HUGE thing for me and I am so proud of him). We had some returners.

Personally, I'm really enjoying our Problem with God series. It's been good for me to focus on some simple yet profound characteristics of God. I need to be reminded every so often of who God is and what he is like. Sometimes I get distracted and forget. Sometimes I am consumed by worry and forget. Sometimes I'm just self-centered and I forget. This series has helped me to refocus on who God is and what he is like. I just wish we had more people coming to be a part of the discussion. It's good stuff. At the same time I am so thankful for who God has brought our way and for the way some of you have been inviting people.

God is way bigger than my tiny brain can comprehend, but as we've discussed, God is good, God is Generous and God is Caring. I especially am encouraged by the truth that God as a gardener doesn't mind getting his hands dirty in my life. This week I pray that you would allow our Caring-gardener God to do his work in you so that you will be all that he's created you to be.



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