Monday, April 23, 2007

"Sex God" book review

I must confess, I am a big Rob Bell fan. I first heard Rob speak at a Youth Specialties convention in Tampa, FL in 2001 and God really used him profoundly to speak into my life. Thus, when his first book came out I gobbled it down... twice. Sex God is Rob's second book. You've got to admit, the title does grab your attention. Some of you are probably slightly appalled and offended by the title, but you shouldn't be. This book is worth your time. If you are married or hope to be married one day then you need to read this book for sure... especially the last three chapters.

The premise of the whole book is that our sex lives, as they were intended by God, are really a picture of God... his relationship within the trinity and his relationship with us.

I've got to share a quick story from the book that comes from Jewish culture. When a couple would get married they would exchange the marriage covenant and then go immediately to the marriage chamber to consummate the relationship. The deal was, however, that the entire wedding party went with them and waited outside while they engaged in the act of marriage, and when they were done the partying would begin (the whole point being that you weren't married until you had sex and if you had sex then you were married). I'm glad we don't do that today! I would be a bit embarrassed. Read the book. Some of this stuff may come up in a sermon series in the future.



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