Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Problem with God

I am really pumped about The Problem with God series we're doing right now at The Point. Like I said on Sunday, what we believe about God affects and influences all aspects of our life.

Sunday we said that God is good, and while most of us would intellectually agree with that statement, most of us are practicing agnostics. We don't live life like God is good. We don't respond to hard times like God is good. In all honesty, we don't believe that God is good... but he is! It's all over Scripture. Read here and here.

This Sunday is going to be a great follow-up. We're going to look at a confusing story in Luke 10:11-27. Go ahead and read over it a few times. See if you can discern who God is and what he is like from what Jesus shares.

This would be a great week to invite a friend.

One more thing: I would love for this blog to become a discussion board about your thoughts, objections, comments and responses to The Problem with God series. Post a comment. Leave your mark. Let the discussion begin.

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