Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I read this post last week that really resonated with what I've experienced so far in planting The Point. I think that planting a church is as much about what God wants to do in me as it is about what God wants to do through me. I think that is also true for everyone who is a part of The Point. Ben had this quote which I think is great.

When God calls us to something, he invites us into a
process of character development first. When we give-up, quit, or leave, we can use all sorts of excuses to justify it... but the reality is... we didn't want to be refined. And we miss out, ultimately, on the great rewards God had for us on the other side of the furnace. We go somewhere else and start right back up at the beginning... in our unrefined condition... blissfully unaware.
I don't want to miss out on the refining work that God wants to do in me. I don't want any of you who read this blog to miss out either. Whatever you're going through, wherever you are...don't quit, walk away or give-up. None of us is where we need to be yet. God is working his mojo in us so that we'll become like Jesus.


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