Thursday, January 23, 2014

Overcoming Adversity

I heard a great story the other day told by Mark Batterson. I have made an effort to verify the veracity of the following story, but have had a bit of trouble determining if it really happened. True or not, it is a great story that sets up what we’re going to talk about on Sunday.
In December of 1944 American forces were completely surrounded in Bastogne, Belgium. The situation looked hopeless. It was freezing cold. The troops were low on supplies and probably low on morale. And the German commander sent a message to the American general, general McAuliffe, demanding an immediate surrender. So General McAuliffe assembled his troops and said, “Men, we are surrounded by the enemy. We have the greatest opportunity ever presented an army. We can attack in any direction.” Instead of surrendering, American forces chose to fight and won the battle of the bulge, and their stand is credited as one of the turning points in WWII. None of the external circumstances changed. The only thing that changed was their perspective. Instead of being surrounded by adversity. They realized they were surrounded by opportunity.
Life is filled with adversity. Lion Chasers don’t let adversity keep them from doing what God has called them to do and becoming the people that God has called them to be because they know that adversity is what God uses to make us into people that he can use.

The key to overcoming adversity is changing your perspective. As Qui-Gon Jinn, says in Star Wars Episode 1: Your focus determines your reality.

Join us this Sunday at Hub City Church for a change of focus and a change of perspective about adversity. See you at 9 or 10:30.


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