Monday, January 27, 2014

Do you trust me?

Yesterday at Hub City we talked about Overcoming Adversity. The message will be online later this week if you want to hear it, but one thing that jumped out at me as I thought about overcoming adversity is that it really is an issue of trust.

Do I trust my circumstances and my ability to manipulate and control and figure out what to do to get out of my adversity? Or, do I trust God?

If there's one thing God has said to me more than any other it's this: Do you trust me?

Faith is all about trust. Following Jesus is all about trust. Being a Christian in 2014 is all about trust.

But most of us, if we're honest, have a really hard time trusting God. We look at our budget and think, There's no way we can tithe and pay all our bills. We look at our relational problems and think, The only way I see to fix things is to get out. We look at all our spinning plates that are about to crash to the ground and think, If I could just get control of my life.

All of those thoughts take trust out of the equation. 

But God says for us to trust him. Trust that he is who he says he is. Trust that he's going to do what he's promised to do. Trust that's demonstrated by obedience.

I love the Charles Stanley quote, Obey God and leave all the consequences up to him.

Do you trust God enough to do what he says? Do you trust God when your little mind can't figure everything out? Do you trust him? It really is central to overcoming adversity.


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