Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Two shots down, one to go

I just got back from the Doctor's office and I'm sporting a bandaid on each arm. I had to get my 2nd Hepatitis A and B shot. Shot's didn't used to bother me. But man, these were painful. My arms are already starting to hurt.

Now, why would I intentionally put myself in a position to get shots that will cause my arms to ache for days?

It's because I don't want to get Hepatitis A and B. I'll go through temporary pain to be safe for a lifetime.

I've been having a lot of conversations, and I do mean "a lot" of conversations, with people lately about reading the Bible and spending time with God. And in every one of those conversations the person speaking to me has talked about how hard it is to make the time and get into the habit.

I get that. Life is busy. And though we might not word it this way, it's kind of a pain spending time with God. It takes discipline and commitment and saying no to some things so that you can say yes to time with Him.

But did you know that the "pain" of spending time with God on a regular basis carries with it rewards and benefits that you haven't even thought of yet? I believe that.

I'm not saying God is going to make you rich or famous. But regularly spending time with God opens the door for you to get Him. 

Push through the pain. In the words of Nike: Just do it!

And if it helps, I'm sure some Christian bookstore somewhere sells Scripture bandaids.


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