Friday, August 24, 2012

It's the tents that scare me

Ever been camping when a thunderstorm comes through? It's probably because I'm a wimp, but it's pretty scary. It's pretty vulnerable out in the open with nothing but a thin piece of nylon in between you and the elements. And from my experience, it doesn't matter how high-quality of a tent you have, it's going to leak.

That's why I'm concerned about Haiti. Hundreds of thousands of people live in tent cities. Their home is a tarp. And a tropical storm is bearing down on them as I write. 

So pray for them. Pray that the storm would weaken. Pray that it might miss Haiti altogether. I love the prayer Amy Hobbs posted on facebook this morning.
Dear Lord, please protect Haiti as the rain falls and the wind blows today. Please use this storm to draw Haiti to you. I pray for the existing roofs to stay attached, the tarps to be stronger than we can imagine, light rain with minimal flooding, the mud to stay put, and for the cholera to be contained. Lord, may we praise You in this storm and trust Your Sovereignty today! Take us to deeper places with you today!
As for the kids from Alex's House that we support, they are on their way to the new property in Kalico. It's solid, as long as the roofs hold up. But I'm sure it will be a frightening time for them. 

So you're invited to join me in prayer. Thanks.


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