Monday, August 13, 2012

The day the fire alarm went off in worship

Yesterday will go down in infamy as the day the fire alarm went off during worship. After the initial shock of, "Oh, no, the fire alarm is going off and we have to evacuate the theater," it was pretty funny. The flashing emergency strobe lights even looked like the were an effect to go along with our closing song. That is until the robotic voice came on saying that there was an emergency in the building and we had to evacuate immediately. They really should change that voice. 

I was impressed with how well we evacuated the building. No one got trampled. And most people came back in after the all-clear was given.

What I really loved about the fire alarm going off is that it reminded all of us of one of Hub City's core values: No Perfect People Allowed. Because, going along with No Perfect People Allowed is its close cousin, No Perfect Environments Allowed. 

We do what we can to limit distractions. We value doing the best with what we have. But we can't control everything. Actually, we're not really in control at all. God is. He was in control of the fire alarm. He is in control of Hub City. He's in control. 

The fire alarm was a good reminder of that.


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