Friday, February 08, 2008


I know that you've noticed the mass of celebrities entering rehab lately. Brittany Spears has been in and out for months. So has Lindsey Lohan. Now we've got Delta Burke and Spidey's girl MJ checking themselves in to get some help. Honestly, it seems like every day there are new celebrities checking into rehab.

This really saddens me. I think it should sadden all Christ followers. There's such a lack of hope in each of these stories and I am sure it breaks the heart of the Father.

Aren't Christians supposed to be a voice of hope? I think we should exude such hope that celebrities, neighbors, school-mates, friends, whoever come running to us when they need hope. If people you know need hope, do they know to chase you down?

I know it's a bit cliche but these celebrities need Jesus. Can you imagine what might happen if celebrities started to become followers of Jesus? Can you imagine the impact that could have in the entertainment industry, in the sports world, and all over this playground we call earth?

I don't think any famous, or someday-I'm-gonna-be-famous actors or singers regularly read my blog, but if you do then I just want to say, you have an amazing opportunity to bring the hope of Jesus into the hopeless lives of many of your peers. Don't miss out on that opportunity. Let God use you to be salt and light so that we'll be reading stories about celebs going on mission trips instead of rehab trips.


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