Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A one sentence disciple

I know that I've blogged a bit about my journey to define what a disciple of Jesus is. This is important because I believe that ultimately God has called us to plant Hub City Church to make disciples. Isn't that the big commission he's given to all of us? But here's my problem. Most people's definitions of what a disciple is are so complex or long or confusing that they aren't helpful. Other people's definitions don't seem to encompass what I observe as I read the Gospels. So I've come up with a simple, one sentence definition of a disciple: Someone who hears from God and then does what he says.

Simple? Yes. Easy? No. This definition is helpful no matter where you are in your relationship with Christ. Jesus said that His sheep will hear his voice. He also said that if we love Him we will do what he says. So there's my two sense. Our discipleship process is going to be teaching people to hear from God and then do what he says.

I'm still thinking through how this works out. Anybody out there have any thoughts they want to add to the discussion? How do you define a disciple?



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