Thursday, February 14, 2008

For Valentine's Day

I haven't posted much this week and I know that all three of you who read this blog are going through withdrawal right now. So to rescue you from DT's I'm posting a Happy Valentine's day post.
In a few minutes I get to go to Nathan's school to help out with his Valentine's party. That should be fun. Matthew and Nathan both made cards for Liz and I, well, Matthew made about 7 cards for Liz and none for me. We all know he loves mom more! Nathan made one for each of us. Liz and I are celebrating this weekend. I get to preach at my friend's church in Cumming, GA. (I'm really excited about the topic. It's something I've never talked on before: Why do bad things happen to good people.) And they are putting me in a hotel. Liz is going to go with me and we get to have some fun, kid-free time. I'm really excited!

I experienced one of the funniest things in a while last night (at least it was funny to me). I went to CVS to get a box of candy for Matthew and Nathan... just one of those small heart shaped boxes of chocolate. The parking lot was packed. All spaced were taken and the store was filled with people... well, not the whole store... just the aisles with the Valentine's day stuff. I almost didn't make it back in time to watch American Idol. I just loved seeing all the procrastinators together in one place.

That's all for now... and it's off to a first grade Valentine party!


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