Friday, January 18, 2008

Posts of the week

Once again this week's honor of "posts of the week" go to Vince. He began a series of posts this week entitled "Waaaaaa, I'm not getting fed." You can find the posts here. They are worth your time.

I've been saying for a long time that it's not the church's responsibility to keep feeding people. Of course we need to feed baby Christians, but we need to also teach them to feed themselves. That's the only way they'll grow up. Maturing Christians need to be feeding themselves and others, but as Vince says, we're lazy. We'd rather have some pastor's chewed up, half digested burger than dig into Scripture ourselves and let God speak directly to us. Too often we're "sermon connoisseurs," instead of Scripture connoisseurs.

I'm always thinking about what a disciple of Jesus looks like in today's world. This week I've keep coming back to the fact that it's someone who spends time in God's word and then aligns their life according to it.



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