Thursday, August 09, 2007


I think if we're honest we all struggle with what I'm about to share.

My life's journey with God is usually more characterized by what I need or want from God instead of just needing or wanting God. Does that make sense? Here's what I mean: Lately, I find myself praying for things that would benefit and grow The Point... things like a band, the right leaders, more people, wisdom to lead, help with moving forward, favor with the community we're trying to impact. None of those things are bad. They are all good, and honestly, I think we need them all, but there's a difference between praying for those things and praying to know God better.

So, I don't know how long it will last (I get distracted so easily), but I'm praying that I will come to know God more. I'm praying for a greater spiritual hunger for God.

I read this quote from Margaret Feinberg's new book, Organic God: I want to discover God again, anew, in a fresh way. I want my love for him to come alive again so taht my heart dances at the very thought of him. I want a real relationship with him -- a relationship that isn't altered by perfumes, additive, chemicals or artificial flavors that promis to make it sweeter, sourer, or tastier than it really is. I want to know a God who in all his fullness would allow me to know him. I want a relationship that is real, authentic, and life-giving even when it hurts. I want to know God stripped of as many false perceptions as possible. Such a journey risks exposure, honesty, and even pain, but I'm hungry and desperate enough to go there. I want to know the Organic God.


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