Monday, August 13, 2007

Big week

This is a big week for The Point. This Saturday we're going to be putting out door hangers on a bunch of apartment doors and then on Sunday we're going to be handing out water and sodas to USC Upstate students who are moving on campus.

PLEASE PRAY! I read this passage this morning and it's going to be my prayer this week. Please join me in praying. Pray that our servant evangelism and marketing will fall on fertile soil. Pray that hearts will be open and responsive to our invitations. Pray that apartment management will be open to us putting out door hangers. Pray that God will bring us the right people as a result of what we're doing.

Instead of gathering to worship last night we went to a number of these apartment complexes and the dorms at USC Upstate and prayed for the students and people living there. Will you join us in praying? Later this week I'm going to send out the names of the apartment complexes we'll be targeting so that you can pray more specifically for the people we're contacting.


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