Friday, August 31, 2007

The problem

I stumbled upon a new blog today that needs to be read. Even though I know this to be true it really hits me between the eyes. You can check out the posts here, here, here, and here.

Click and read those posts and then come back.

Did you read them? If yes then read on, if not then READ THEM.


In all honesty, I don't know what the future of The Point is going to be. It's been a tough past month losing 80% of our people. Those of us that are left need some healing. We need time to recover. We need God to renew our passion, confidence and vision (or at least I need these things). So with that in mind we're not jumping ahead. We're taking some time for healing. That's why we've got a stripped down gathering. That's why we're not doing small groups. That's why we're not doing marketing or trying to grow.

This stage could last a week or two months. I don't think we need to put a time frame on it.

But here's where all this goes back to the posts I wanted you to read. No matter what happens with The Point's future, I don't want us to be a church that just grows at the expense of other churches. I don't want us to be just the next cool church in town. I really want us to be about reaching people who are far away from God.

If you're a Christian, and want to be on that kind of a mission, then we want you on our team. We need you on our team. We need mission minded followers of Jesus who are in this for those who aren't in the family yet.

If you're just interested in the next cool place to be (not that we're all that cool... have you seen me?), or a place that caters to your needs then I could recommend some cool churches for you (you might have to drive), but don't waste my time or your time at The Point. And since I'm being honest... you might need to do a gut check, get your eyes off the person in the mirror and get on board with the mission of Jesus. It's pretty clear that the heart of our heavenly Father is tilted towards those who are on the outside more so than it is with those of us who are already in (click here for proof).

I've also got to say that I really have no idea how to do this. I suck at evangelism. I'm chicken. I don't have all the answers, but this post wasn't about answers. It's about the problem, and in order to get to the answers you've got to correctly address the problem first. So here it is.


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