Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I survived my first practice as coach of Nathan's soccer team. I thought my coaching tenure was going to be over before it began. I called the head of the Upward's league to find out about equipment and practice field and he told me that they were combining Nathan's team with another first/second grade team. He didn't mention anything about who was going to be the new coach of the combined team. I was beginning to get depressed. I was pumped and prepared to try out coaching and now the possibility seemed to be slipping away (I know that's dramatic, but I was feeling dramatic). Parents and kids started showing up, and I introduced myself to some of them. I met an assistant coach from the other team. He had a whistle and looked professional. I knew I was doomed when one of the parents from the other team said that they didn't have a head coach, so I felt partially hopeful. Then the league head showed up and told me that I was going to be the coach. RELIEF. SURVIVAL. I feel like a little kid who just got one of the coolest gifts in the world. Now on to season prep: Go Vikings!


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