Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Year End Gift Offering - Church Builders

It's Year End Gift Offering time around Hub City Church. Each year we take up a special offering at the end of the year with all contributions going to special projects. This year we're giving the entire Year End Gift Offering away. All 100% of it.

Yesterday I shared how we're giving away 60% of our Year End Offering to Alex's House

But for the mathletes out there you know we still have 40% to give away. So what is it going to?

I'm excited to announce that 25% of the 2012 Year End Gift Offering is going to go to Church Builders.

Church Builders is doing incredible work in Spartanburg with those in the lower income or no income bracket. For about a year we've had a team serving breakfast on the 4th Saturday of the month with Church Builders. 

But they do more than breakfast once a week. Pastor Jim has a big vision for 2013. And your giving will help them accomplish that vision. Specifically, Pastor Jim shared two big projects that our contributions will go towards.
(1) They provide a "children's church" of sorts to the community currently and with the adoption of a local housing projects and also a new partnership with Cleveland Academy of Learning they are expecting their numbers to rise from 40 to around 200 kids. They need things like chairs, learning equipment and they use a system to wall off classrooms involving magnetic paint and mobile wall system.
(2) They are in the process of working to complete construction of their 24-hour supervised youth room.
We get to help them make these things happen.

But what I really love about our partnership with Church Builders is that we both have the same mission: Make disciples who make disciples.

That means, when we help them, we're actually accomplishing the mission of Hub City Church.

So like I said yesterday, give and give generously. Our goal for 2012 is $6000. 


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