Monday, November 05, 2012

The Blessed Church - a review

If you're a church leader, or if you care about your local church at all, then you want your church to be blessed, right? 

Robert Morris in The Blessed Church, give us his church's (Gateway) formula for being a blessed church. I think this is a valuable book for church leaders. There is a lot of practical advice. 

The book's best idea is that of "relationships before issues." I love that. So often we let issues destroy relationships. But we should prioritize relationships before issues. Man, if we could just do that....

I also appreciated how many of the lessons learned came from difficult times. That's been my experience. But almost no one shares the struggles and reality. Morris shares some of the mess. That's healthy and helpful.

My only objection with The Blessed Church is that oftentimes it comes across with an arrogant tone. I wish that would have been edited out. If that would have happened I think this book would have been more helpful.

But I still think this book would be good for church leaders to read, not a "must read,"but a good read. It reads fast (which I appreciate). And it has some practical insight. 

This book was provided courtesy of Blogging for Books from Waterbrook/Multnomah Publishing Group. 


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