Monday, October 04, 2010

What God taught me at Disney - part 2

It's amazing what God will use to teach you and grow you if you're listening. Well, I've got to say. I wasn't really attempting to listen to God. I felt like he just butted into my Disney trip and taught me some stuff. This second thing that he taught me I'm still trying to understand and figure out. Maybe you can help.

At Disney I'm on a mission. My mission is to ride as many rides, see as many shows and do as many things as possible in our short time in the Happiest Place on Earth.

With that being said, I was out front, leading my family from attraction to attraction, walking as fast as my legs would take me and implying, "keep up or get left, we're here to have fun, not leisurely stroll around "Mickey-Mouse world."

Well, while out front, with everyone else trailing behind, God said, "This is how you lead."

I lead out front and expect others to keep up and if you don't keep up you're just going to get left behind.

Now, this is good at times, but at other times this isn't good. I'm trying to figure out how to balance on that line. I need others to help me balance that line. I don't want to unintentionally leave people behind. If I'm out front and nobody's behind me then I'm not leading, I'm just taking a walk.

So if you see me too far out front, tell me to slow down. I'm not trying to leave you (at least not most of you... some of you, well...).

I'll post something later about some specific things that you can pray with me for that I think will help with this.


At 6:40 AM, October 05, 2010 , Anonymous Jaimee said...

I don't really want to comment... I'd like to "like." Facebook has spoiled me : ) I like these posts where we get a glimpse of who you are just before God. Very nifty.


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