Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What breaks my heart

I was being a little reflective this morning at the gym thinking about what breaks my heart. Here are three things that came to mind.
  • People who are far away from God, and don't care. I guess this messes me up because I know that people need Jesus. But they don't know they need Jesus. And I know what their missing out on in this life and what the next life holds. We've (I've) got to find a way to do my part in connecting them to Jesus. I want to partner with the Holy Spirit to create in them a hunger for God (I know it's primarily God's job, but I do believe we have a part to play).
  • People who are a part of Hub City for a while and then leave. Now, sometime's it's healthy for people to leave, but most of the time it's not. God wants people to be committed to a church family and stay, work through their problems and learn to love. When people choose to leave it usually results in a lost opportunity for spiritual growth. I've never been divorced and don't know what it would feel like to be divorced, but I compare this to divorcing the church. And the outcome isn't good for either party.
  • People who are a part of Hub City and then disappear. While the previous bullet's responsibility is primarily with the person who leaves, in this situation the one who's primarily responsible is me or the church. We (I) drop the ball, fail to care, forget about people and they just fade away. I confess that I drop the ball often (It's why we need each other, I need you to help me carry the ball). But this breaks my heart because I am responsible.
What breaks your heart?


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