Monday, April 05, 2010

The test

If I really believe "Jesus is Lord"...
• I won't worry about what others think; only what He thinks.
• I won't seek the applause of men; only His.
• I'll react to people based on His reactions toward me.
• I will begin each day with Him.
• I will spend lots of time with Him.
• I will seek to know Him personally.
• I will seek to partner in His mission throughout my day; not just accomplish my mission.
• I will seek to honor Him with my heart, soul, mind, and strength.
• I'll end each day asking two questions: "How did I partner with Jesus today? How did I resist Him today?"
• I won't be so hard on myself.
• I won't worry about the future.
• I will give to Him first; not last.
• I won't worry about my church.
• I will live and share the Gospel.
• I will surrender my agenda to Him.
• I will love God.
• I will love people; as much as I love myself!
• I'll believe that ANYTHING is possible.
• I'll believe that I can overcome any weakness, addiction, or sin that plagues me.
• I won't live in the past.
• I'll realize that this world is not my home. My home is with Him.
• I'll embrace the fact that suffering allows me to identify with Him and lean on Him.
• I'll see people with His eyes. Compassionate eyes.
• I'll believe in people.
• Prayer will be the foundation of a relationship, not religious duty.
• I'll trust Him in every circumstance.
• I'll believe in His church. He died for it He is the Head of it.
• I will follow Him, and live for His mission in my life!


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