Thursday, April 08, 2010

Movies in the Park

I won't lie to you. I'm a bit frustrated that we won't be able to use Barnet Park for the May/June location for Movies in the Park. But another possible location has opened up. We're in the "wait and see" mode (even though we don't have a lot of time to "wait"). I don't want to spill the beans too early, but I would ask for you to pray.

Here's what we know for sure. Movies in the Park is ON for July 9 and August 13. Those date are a go at Barnet Park.

Here's what we need: We need you to be a part of making this happen. There is a place for you to serve.

God has granted Hub City Church amazing favor in allowing us to host Movies in the Park for Spartanburg. People are already asking for it. We don't promote the facebook fanpage, but we've got new fans every week. We want YOU to be a part of Movies in the Park this Summer. Stay tuned for where to get plugged in.


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